Typographics 2016

Typographics is a design festival dedicated to typo­graphy, and this year it started with Tobias Frere-Jones asking the following question:

"Why do we make more typefaces?"

Pretty deep for a typography conference, right? But since the festival is meant for people who use type, I found that opening question to be really suitable. And the answer Tobias gave helped set the tone for the following days of talks, workshops and tours: "Typefaces are solutions, and we keep having problems."

Yes, typography can solve problems. More specifically: communication problems.

Typography can carry and deliver a message, not only by being the medium, but by setting a voice through what is commonly known as a "font".

Just ask Eduardo Danilo, or Roger Black, who showcased some great work that is highly based on the daunting task of understanding who your user, or reader, is and crafting a compelling experience through typography.

Typography can also have an "entertaining" and playful side, as we saw on Emily Oberman and Jakob Trollbäck's talk: It can be used not only for communicating purposes, but as a completely dynamic experience that is complemented with rythm, movement, and diverse effects to appeal the masses.  

Not enough? Stephen Doyle showed how far typography can really go when you take a step back and uncover the power in the meaning of words. 

Personally, I was most inspired by Marta Cerda, Victoria Rushton, Nina Stössinger and Tracy Ma. They all showed a very wide range of amazing work supported by great stories of finding your own voice and style, working hard, and the power behind a woman determined to do something (I am a feminist at heart).

Victoria Rushton Talk.

Victoria Rushton Talk.

To top things off Typographics also had Typelab, which is a secondary space dedicated to the more experimental side of typography:

Want to create an alphabet entirely with CSS? Check!

Want to explore sound within certain typographic elements? Check!

Maybe you just want to learn about non-latin alphabets, or how to build a community surrounding type design? Check all of that too!

Alphabettes at TypeLab

Alphabettes at TypeLab

Typographics 2016 was a great experience, and I'm so happy and grateful I also got the chance to meet lots of amazingly talented people who share a typographic passion.

Can't wait for next year! 

You can follow typographics here, or check out their blog here.